Transfer Airport Bratislava provides transportation services from the airports listed below

Bratislava International Airport


Bratislava Airport has been named after eminent Slovak diplomat and general Milan Štefánik since the 21st of July, 1993. Seven years later the statue of his effigy was solemnly fitted at the airport. Every year, on May 4, the airport commemorates the tragic death of this eminent personality.

Bratislava Airport is the largest international airport in Slovakia that is located approx. 10 km – 20 minutes driving from the city centre. We can provide comfortable shuttle transport from Bratislava Airport to the city centre for affordable cost in Mercedes E-Class executive cars. Book your shuttle transport from the airport comfortably on the following web page: The number of airlines and connections between the airport and other destinations is continuously growing.

In 2015, the M. R. Štefánik Airport (BTS) obtained the solvency certificate. This certificate was given only to 7,8 % of all companies on the territory of Slovakia. Based on this certificate the airport gains not only higher credibility and soundness that it is a company that fulfils all its obligations and duties towards the state but it also gains credit at its customers or potential investors.

Vienna International Airport


Vienna Airport is located approx. 20 km from the centre of Vienna (that belongs among the most visited cities in Europe) – 25 minutes driving and approx. 63 km from the centre of Bratislava – 40 minutes driving on highway. If you have a trip planned also to Bratislava, for the cost of 59 EUR we shall comfortably transfer you directly to the city centre or to the hotel in which you have accommodation. In the past, Vienna Airport served for military purposes, currently it belongs among the airports with the highest demand in Europe also thanks to its excellent location.

During 2014, the airport handled a total of 22,5 million passengers and their number is constantly increasing. Vienna Airport provides to its clients free WIFI that is accessible in the internal premises of the airport. At the airport you can find accommodation in modern and luxury NH Hotel with 500 rooms. In the hotel you can find a number of restaurants, you can relax in the wellness part or you can try the modern fitness centre that is part of the hotel.

The hotel windows are soundproof so you do not have to be afraid of any unwanted noise. A perfect place for an undisturbed stay.

Budapest International Airport


Budapest Liszt Ferenc Nemzetközi Repülőtér is the largest airport in Hungary. The original name of the airport – International Airport Budapest Ferihegy – was later changed to Ferenc Liszt Airport. The airport is located approx. 20 km from the centre of the capital Budapest – 30 minutes driving and approx. 230 km from the centre of Bratislava – we can provide comfortable shuttle transfer to Bratislava for an affordable price. The journey takes 2 hours and 30 minutes driving on the highway. During 2014, the airport handled more than 9 million of passengers, recently the airport services are used by an increased number of passengers coming from outside Europe. The airport provides flights particularly within Europe but also to destinations as Africa, North America or Middle East.

Prague International Airport


In 2012, the airport was renamed from Ruzyne Airport to Václav Havel Airport. The airport is located approx. 20 km from the centre of Prague – 35 minutes driving and approx. 350 km from the centre of Bratislava – 3,5 hours driving on a highway. If you visit the following link you can find information about the cost of transfer from the airport: During 2014, the airport handled more than 11 million of passengers particularly from the countries as Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Italy and France. The passengers can choose from 60 airlines that connect Prague directly with more than 130 destinations worldwide. The airport has improved its services in the field of parking with name AEROPARKING. Within the frame of these services the number of parking lots was extended. Also the booking system went through a nice change, currently it is considerably easier and also the pricelist itself was adjusted. New restaurants and cafés appeared on the airport which are more affordable to the clients.